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Ordnance Defined

Ordnance is defined as any military material such as ammunition, weapons, equipment and combat vehicles. The word ordnance can also be applied to a division or military branch that procures and uses those items, such as the Ordnance Corps. All branches of militaries use some form of ordnance including land, naval, aerial and space. The first space vehicles were actually missiles, a form of artillery.

LET ME DO THE TALKING! : Serve in silence.

LET ME DO THE TALKING! : Serve in silence.
Poster by: Homer Ansley - circa 1941-1943.
Work Projects Administration; California WPA Art Program.
Library of Congress. Prints and Photographs Division. Washington, D.C.

One of the most significant areas where military technology transferred to civilian items was that of ordnance despite the fact that civilians don’t normally use ordnance. Hence, transfer was indirect in most cases. If for no other reason a civilian item is likely a product of military technology transfer because most manufacturing processes and technology have been heavily influenced by military technology.